As the national expert on service-learning in the United States, NYLC is proud to be part of multiple national and international networks that are advocating to advance and expand service-learning in schools and community organizations. Through collective action on public policy, advocacy, research, and partnerships, NYLC is leading the charge to increase the national visibility of service-learning and to gain new champions both on Capitol Hill and in classrooms across the United States.

A coalition of education and youth development advocates is organizing an effort to renew funding for service-learning in schools and community organizations across the United States. Join us as we advocate for a dramatic increase in service-learning opportunities for K-12 students, empowering them with the skills they need to be successful in school and as active members of a democratic society.

The Ibero-American Service-Learning Network was founded is headed by CLAYSS and NYLC. It gathers 74 governmental organizations, civil society organizations, universities, and regional organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, and Spain. Two meetings are held annually, one at the International Service-Learning Conference and one at the National Service-Learning Conference.

We actively participate in the CivixNow Coalition as we work to develop a growing base of champions in national and world leaders. CivixNow is a national cross-partisan coalition of 265+ organizations focused on improving our nation’s K-12 civic education.

Service-Learning Exchange

Through the State Connections Initiative, we act as a central point of contact and convener for State Departments of Education personnel who are the (un)official K-12 service-learning contact for their state. Whether your portfolio is specific to service-learning or includes service-learning under another umbrella (21st century schools, social emotional learning, etc.) Join us! Add your state contact to the growing network.

The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse offers service-learning resources, tools, research that supports the service-learning community in higher education, kindergarten through grade twelve, community-based organizations, tribal programs, and all others interested in strengthening schools and communities using service-learning.